Please take a minute, we need your support.

As most of you know, Muttley’s Maid was started to employ the displaced and disabled and get them back into the mainstream workforce.  After 10 years of serving the Denver area, and working with over 30 displaced/disabled people teaching them to again become self-sufficient, surviving the recession, and keeping our techs employed, we’re still here.

We’re asking for your help with our next endeavor with just two minutes of your time.

Won’t you please click on this link that will direct you to Chase Mission Main Street Grants and vote for us? Mission Main Street Grants is a grant program administered by Chase to award twelve (12) small businesses with grants of $250,000.
We need 250  votes to be considered in the running for a $250,000 grant that we will use to grow this small business and expand this program to employ many more displaced and disabled people.

Thanks in advance for your support!

Earth Day April 22nd – Be good to your little piece of earth, hire a pooper scooper!

Celebrate Earth Day with Muttley’s Maid on April 22nd.  Take care of your little piece of this great planet by hiring Muttley’s Maid to clean up all that dog poop from this past winter that you haven’t been able to get to due to the recent snows.  We’re offering 25% discount on one-time cleanings if you mention “EARTH DAY SPECIAL” when calling us at 877-DOG-CRAP (364-2727).  We’ll take care of your pain in the grass!

After the Blizzard… there’s green and brown under all that white…

Yes, we may be experiencing a lot of that white stuff today in Denver, but soon it will be Spring and with that our lawns will be waking back up.  If you haven’t scooped your dog’s poop since last October, we’ll get rid of your pain in the grass, just call 877-DOG-CRAP to schedule your service and if your lawn needs a little help recovering from the winter damage…

This recipe for “Miracle Lawn Tonic”  which costs just pennies to mix, will green up your lawn like nothing else on earth.

This tip came from my brother Bob,  former groundskeeper at Hialeah Race Track and  the Hilton Harvest House in Boulder, CO.  This recipe works wonders for Colorado lawns! I found this to be much more cost effective than anything you can buy and my sisters and I all use this mixture on our Colorado lawns to kick in the green once the lawn comes out of winter hibernation.


  • One full 12 can of either Coke or Pepsi (or whatever off brand of Cola you can find) NO DIET!
  • One full 12 oz can of Beer, my Colorado lawn prefers Coors but…  – (any brand will do)  NO LIGHT BEER!
  • 1/2 Cup of Dawn Dishwashing Detergent (or whatever blue off brand you can find) NO ANTI-BACTERIAL SOAP!
  • 1/2 Cup of household ammonia
  • 1/2 Cup of mouthwash (any brand)


  • Pour into a 2 gallon garden sprayer , then add water until the sprayer container is full
  • Spray liberally on all your grassy areas
  • Lightly water your lawn after application so that the mixture will penetrate roots
  • Apply in the early morning, before the sun beats down on your lawn
  • In high heat, apply every three weeks for an emerald green lawn!